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Welcome to Moray Dance

We offer professional and affordable dance classes in Elgin, Forres and Lossiemouth in the following genres: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Acro, Highland, Jazz and HipHop for children from 2 and a half years. All teachers fully qualified with the ISTD and RAD and hold enhanced disclosures (Scotland).

The school is there to provide sound dance training for children in the surrounding areas, to give them the opportunity to take examinations and also the chance to perform. Moray Dance believes in a good balance between discipline and enjoyment of dance within the class and believes that giving the pupils something to work towards is key. The school will not only provide the foundations in dance but also help coordination, musical awareness, self-confidence and social skills of every child in a caring and nurturing manner.

“Scotland is filled with naturally talented children and we hope to be able to nurture and give these talents a chance to improve and develop, dance is something we are very passionate about and want to pass this on to the pupils of the Moray Dance School.”

About Us

Studio Director
Mrs Rosalyn Wie

Administrator: Rosalyn Wie Ros has been working with dance schools for over 25 years, organising classes, examination sessions, shows and competitions; helping teachers to be able to concentrate on teaching. For the past 13 years Ros has run and organised summer schools for dance children, concentrating on developing the performance aspect of the week. This week, which is packed with dance, song and craft culminates in a show for parents and friends.

Ros started Moray Dance in 2010 and it has gone from strength to strength, offering unrivalled dance tuition in the local area. Since its conception Moray Dance has performed at local community and charity events, staged two very successful shows and put hundreds of children through RAD, ISTD and BATD examinations. We have seen students move on to well known colleges in London and Scotland to pursue careers in dance.

We have annual theatre visits and support several charities each year. Moray Dance has also just embarked on a two year sponsorship of Harley, a black Labrador guide puppy to get him through his training.

Most of all Moray Dance has had the pleasure of seeing all our students flourish, appreciating difference styles of dance, keeping fit and developing into really lovely young people.

In our fourth year we are welcoming three new members of staff who will be working alongside Miss Stephanie and Roy.

Dance Teacher
Miss Stephanie Wie-Harris
RAD RTS CBTS, AISTD Disco/Freestyle, ISTD DDE Modern, Tap & Ballet, NC Dance Performance

Dance Teacher: Stephanie Wie Stephanie grew up in Germany with her parents and started dancing from the age of seven and came to live in Scotland in 2000. After leaving school Stephanie auditioned and did a full time 3 year course run in conjunction with Moray College UHI and undertook the two year full time Professional Teacher Training Course graduating in 2006 with an NC in Dance Performance and internationally recognized teaching qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

Stephanie has taught full time performing art students and school age pupils, both in the UK and Hong Kong where she gained valuable experience from DMR School of Ballet. Returning to Scotland Stephanie still teaches for the North Aberdeenshire Dance School in Old Meldrum and Tarvis, Gordonstoun Private School and of course Moray Dance. Stephanie has continually improved her professional development undertaking further examinations with the RAD and attending many courses to maintain her high standards and to ensure that she is up to date with whatever syllabi that she teaches.

Having performed in many successful shows Stephanie has also organized and helped choreograph numerous sell out performances during her training and her teaching career. Stephanie has also entered children for dance examinations under the ISTD and RAD in UK and Hongkong and holds a 100% pass rate.

Dance Teacher
Sheryl Murphy
HND Contemporary Dance, NQ Dance Performance

Dance Teacher: Sheryl Murphy Sheryl’s passion is dance - whether it be performing, teaching, or choreographing. Having grown up in the Speyside village of Rothes, Sheryl showed a talent and love for dancing taking classes in highland dancing and ballet from the age of 6. As she grew so did her love for dance and was thrilled at aged 17 to be accepted to study at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in Dundee.

Working under the stewardship of some of the country’s finest instructors led by Peter Royston. Sheryl studied many dance forms including jazz, street, commercial, capoeira, ballet and contemporary.

As an aspiring performer and choreographer Sheryl has worked with many dance companies including SmallPetitKlein, Janis Claxton Dance, Errol White Company, Scottish Dance Theatre, and Scottish Ballet among others.

Sheryl still possess an insatiable appetite to learn more about the art form attending dance events such as MOVE IT in London and taking part in workshops, master classes and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mark 'Swarf' Calape of Animaineax and The A Team dance crews.

Hollie Simpson

Dance Teacher: Hollie SimpsonHollie's passion is teaching dance.
Having danced herself since she was 3 years old she has taken classes and exams in various genres including ballet, jazz, tap, freestyle, hip-hop and contemporary. Hollie attended Dance Studio Scotland in Glasgow and then returned to Elgin to pursue her teaching dream. Since then she has taught overseas, as well as currently being involved in the active schools programme within Moray, teaching at Performers UK Inverness and of course Moray Dance! Hollie's aim is to empower students by making them feel more confident in their own abilities - and have a lot of fun along the way!

Supply Teacher  
Rhowan MacKinnon

Trainee Assistant Dance Teacher: Rhowan MacKinnonRhowan has danced with TFX in Inverness and Moray Dance before studying at MGA Academy of Performing Arts.  Rhowan is RAD CBTS qualified.

Guest Teachers

Mr Roy MacQueen - LISTD/DDI Disco/Freestle, NC Dance Performance
Claire Darcy

Dance Genres

Classes currently on offer: RAD Ballet, ISTD Tap and Modern,Commercial Jazz,Hip Hop, Mini Musical, Disco and Highland

RAD and ISTD  Examining bodies The Royal Academy of Dance and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing are internationally recognised bodies for dance training and examinations. Both have extremely high standards. All students will be given the chance, when ready, to take examinations.   Examinations are vitally important, they give students something to work towards and are a guideline for how each student is improving. Confidence is achieved by being capable of moving from level to level.  Also accurate training and technique enables the student to move on to full-time dance training if appropriate.

Explanation of classes:

- Baby Ballet is for young children aged 2½ - 3½.  Based on simple ballet steps, the class encourages the development of musicality, co-ordination, discipline, social skills and hopefully instills a love of dance and a solid foundation that will continue as the child moves up in classes.

Baby and Pre School ballet classes run in our Elgin, Lossiemouth and Forres locations. They are the perfect place for your little ballerina to express their creativity, develop motor skills and enhance their musicality in a joyous and safe learning environment. Here at Moray Dance we specialise in dance and ballet tuition for children from 2.5 years.

The Baby and Pre School classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance Preschool Programme which is highly regarded and developmentally appropriate for this age group. The programme has solid foundations in early childhood education and teaches beginning ballet technique, rhythm and poise in a magical story world filled with sparkling wands, intriguing treasure maps and hidden doors that reveal new enchanting locations!

Our Baby and Pre School dance lessons use imagery, story and role play to develop and nurture your toddler's natural passion for movement and music. These classes will actively foster a love of dance and classical ballet in your child.

- Ballet is highly technical and is the foundation for all other dance forms.   Correct training and technique are essential for proper understanding and improvement.  It is a very difficult form of dance and requires dedication and discipline.  Ballet encourages grace, correct stance, musicality and is a beautiful art form to both dance and to observe.

- Commercial Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Every jazz dancer interprets and executes moves and steps in their own way. Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. To excel in jazz, it is helpful to have a foundation in ballet technique as this encourages strength, grace and balance.  Commercial Jazz is danced to popular commercial music for the most part, it requires accurate technique throughout.

- Hip Hop Dance refers to choreographed dance styles primarily danced to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping. Hip Hop dance is fun to do and there are new elements of it being developed all the time. It allows for a lot of free expression and improvisation.

- Modern Dance The ISTD Modern Dance Syllabus incorporates elements of jazz and contemporary dance. Modern dance transpired from ballet mixing lyrical dance with more up tempo rhythms. he ISTD created their syllabus in 1932 and are continually changing and updating their syllabi.T hrough their carefully planned and well-tried examination syllabus, young people are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers.Develops strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

- Highland Dance  The BATD syllabus for Highland Dance takes our young children through their first steps and up to the highland fling, sword dance, sean truibhas and half Tulloch.

- Musical Theatre Group For ages 5-11. Involving drama games, musical scripts, songs. This class is a perfect introduction to acting/singing and mime.

Timetable April 2022



30 min classes £4.00
40 min classes £5.00
60 min classes £6.00

2021 Term Dates

26 April 2021 - 26 June 2021

23 August 2021 - 18 Dec 2021

Half term 2 weeks 11-22 October


Exam Dates

RAD Ballet March 2019 and June 2019
ISTD Tap and Modern March 2019 and June 2019
UDO Street TBC

We now offer the UDO Street Syllabus


Exam Information at Moray Dance Children will have the opportunity to work towards and take examinations with the ISTD, RAD and BATD examining bodies when they have reached the required standard. Taking an examination gives the pupil something to focus on, raises the general standard within the class and provides a benchmark to aim for. However, these examinations are not compulsory and children will not be discriminated against in any way.

Upcoming Show June 2020 - more details to follow


Dance in Time

Once Upon a Time


Examinations: RAD Ballet and ISTD
May 2017
Dec 2017
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers


Examinations: RAD Ballet March 2015
 ISTD Tap, Modern and Jazz June 2015
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers
Moray Dance School Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Fochabers

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Moray Dance Uniforms

Once children have been enrolled and are happy in the class the following uniform will be required. These uniforms will also be worn for examinations and any class presentations.


Girls: Baby Ballet, PS Ballet, PP Ballet and P Ballet all wear the Pink short-sleeved RAD leotard with pink skirt; short pink socks and pink leather ballet shoes. Boys: white t shirt and blue shorts, white socks and white leather ballet shoes.

Grade 1 & 2 Girls: will wear the lilac RAD leotard, pink ankle socks, pink leather ballet shoes and for all grades from Grade 1 will need a black mid calf character skirt and black canvas character shoes. Boys: white leotard, blue shorts and white socks and leather ballet shoes.

Grade 3 & 4 Girls: will wear the navy RAD leotard, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes and the character skirt and shoes. Boys white leotard, navy ballet stirrup tights, white socks and leather ballet shoes.

Grade 5 Girls: will wear the maroon RAD leotard, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes and the character skirt and shoes. Boys as above.

Grade 6 Ballet royal blue 'Alice' leotard and chiffon skirt. Pink ballet tights and pink leather ballet shoes.

Intermediate level pupils will wear the RAD black leotard, pink ballet tights and pink split soled canvas ballet shoes.

For all ballet classes, girls should wear their hair in a bun and off the face with no jewellery.


Black or Purple leotard with black leggings and bare feet.


Black or purple leotard but jazz trousers can be worn or leggings.

JAZZ or Hip-Hop

Anything goes for this one, something loose and comfy with trainers.


Black and silver leotard and bare legs.

There will be an optional fleece jacket with dance school logo and t-shirt available to order.

Additional Services from Moray Dance



Childrens Parties

Generally one hour teaching - a dance routine with or without a craft session. These parties can be done as ballet parties (Bonnie Ballerina) or jazz parties (Jasper Jazz). Please email or call for more details and prices.


Available for charity events, special occasions, and residential homes, etc. Please email for more information.

2021 Performance

Musicals Are Magic 2016
Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016 Musicals Are Magic 2016


Summer Schools

For children 4-6 years and 7+, call or email for more information.

2021 Summer Day of Dance

Summer School 2009 Summer School 2010 Summer School 2011 Summer School 2012 Summer School 2013 Summer School 2014Summer School 2015
Summer School 2016

Through the Seasons Show 2014 from MOray Dance

Through the Seasons Show 2014 ... view our gallery


Going for Gold Show 2012

Going for Gold Going for Gold Going for Gold

Going for Gold Going for Gold Going for Gold

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As of the 25th of May 2018 the Data Protection Act changed to the General Data Protection  Regulation - GDPR 

This means that all our Moray Dance students past, present, and future have the right to know how we store, use, share, and dispose of your personal information.

Moray Dance will not share your personal information with any third parties unless instructed by the client to do so. For example entering pupils for external examinations. 

Moray Dance will always ask our clients permission if we need to hold any personal information.  All information is either stored electronically that is encrypted or stored on a soft copy that is locked away.

All personal information held by Moray Dance that is no longer needed or not relevant will be either deleted or destroyed by a cross cut shredder.

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